We Want You!
By Administrator Brian Long
November 27, 2018

We Want You!

The Lineboro Volunteer Fire Department is looking for help from members of the community who want to participate in an upcoming training exercise, being hosted this Saturday at River Valley Ranch.

We need people who want to play the role of a victim. No experience? No problem. We will have staff on hand to assist. All you need is a pair of old clothes that you don't mind getting dirty (our staff will be dressing you up with makeup to give you the appearance of life-like wounds). Sound like fun? The report time is 10:00 AM, and you should be on your way home by 3:00 PM. A light breakfast and catered, BBQ lunch are also provided.

For more information, or if you're interested in participating, please contact Matthew Burgan, EMS Captain for Lineboro, at 410-365-2610, or by email at EMS7@Lineborovfd.org.