Donated Equipment Saves Lives in Kentucky
By EMS Captain Matthew Burgan
September 4, 2019

Recently, the Lineboro Volunteer Fire Department, in conjunction with Glen Rock Hose & Ladder Co. of Glen Rock, PA and Manchester Volunteer Fire Company of Carroll County, MD donated a variety of used fire service equipment to the Blackberry Volunteer Fire Department in Ransom, KY.

Lineboro supplied the department with a used, 2001 Chevy Tahoe. The vehicle was delivered to Blackberry fully outfitted with an emergency warning package and custom interior storage cabinet. Glen Rock provided a portable, hydraulic rescue pump and two hydraulic rescue tools. The tools, commonly referred to as the "Jaws of Life" are typically used to extricate people who have become entangled in a vehicle after a collision. Manchester also provided approximately thirty sets of turnout gear, designed to protect firefighters in a variety of situations, including fire suppression activity. If purchased new, this equipment would be expected to cost approximately $250,000. All three departments were glad to have had the opportunity to support another fire department in need. Lineboro's Fire Chief Kevin Kidd said "It was a great opportunity for a few of the local fire departments to donate some used equipment that was no longer needed to another organization in dire need.” He continued on to say “It was a trip filled with mixed emotions. It was heart warming to be able to help some of our brothers and sisters to the south, but not without truly feeling bad that they are out volunteering to serve their communities with so very little equip and funding.” He concluded by saying that “the officers and members of Lineboro are very appreciative of the surrounding departments who helped make this donation trip possible.”

Within three days of taking delivery of the donated equipment, members of the Blackberry Volunteer Fire Department were able to put it to work when they used the hydraulic rescue tools to perform a vehicle extrication in their district.

Fire Chief Kevin Kidd would like to be able to make this an annual event and has asked that any fire department with any surplus or outdated equip that they would consider donating please send him a list of that equipment. Chief Kidd can be reached by email at