Lineboro EMS Clinicians Begin Using Viral Syndrome Triage Protocol
By EMS Captain Matthew Burgan
March 26, 2020

Effective today, March 26th, 2020, EMS Clinicians at Lineboro will begin treating patients utilizing a new protocol from the Maryland Institute of Emergency Medical Services System (MIEMSS). This protocol, the Viral Syndrome Pandemic Triage Protocol, will assist EMS Clinicians in determining if certain patients complaining of symptoms consistent with COVID-19 are candidates for self-care at home. EMS Clinicians will respond to the scene and complete a medical assessment, looking for a series of benchmarks that will determine if the patient is safe and appropriate to remain at home under self-care. If so, the EMS Clinicians will provide the patient with literature from both the Carroll County Volunteer Emergency Services Association and the Carroll County Health Department, on how they should be caring for themselves from their home. The literature will include information on the signs and symptoms that patients should watch for that may require further medical treatment. If the patient agrees with the assessment of the EMS Clinicians, personnel from the Carroll County Health Department will contact them by phone within approximately 24 hours for an additional follow-up assessment.

These protocols were designed as a decision making tool to assist during a pandemic when critical care systems become overloaded. “The care and safety of our patients is of the utmost importance during this time”, says Matthew Burgan, Captain of EMS Operations for the Lineboro Volunteer Fire Department. Burgan continued on to say that “By implementing this protocol from the State, we are doing our part to help to assist both our patients, as well as our healthcare system, which will become easily and quickly overwhelmed if we do not take these actions.”

For more information on COVID-19, Carroll County residents can call the Carroll County Health Department at 410-786-4848. Information is also available from the following online resources:
Carroll County Government:
Carroll County Health Department:
Maryland Department of Health (MDH):
Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

Hyperlinks: Carroll County Health Department
Maryland Department of Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
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