2019 Annual Awards and Appreciation Banquet
By Administrator Brian Long
February 3, 2019

Yesterday evening, the LVFD hosted their Annual Awards and Appreciation Banquet. The members and their guests gathered to celebrate along with mutual aid department representatives.

DJ, Digital Sounds Baltimore kicked the night off with music to set the tone for the social hour. An excellent dinner was served by Staubys Catering followed by the most delectable cupcakes made by our own Becky Krebs. The awards and year in review video presentation added an exclamation point to an amazing evening with friends and family. Thank you to Manchester Volunteer Fire Department who returned the favor by providing an overnight stand-by crew to ensure our first due was fully staffed. This allowed our members to enjoy a carefree night in the company of their friend, fellow members, and family. Thank you to Julie Oros for coordinating with our members to make this evening successful.

As a department, we would like to congratulate our award winners, give thanks to our dedicated volunteers, and to also thank the family and loved ones of our volunteers.