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Chronological History
***Under Construction***

February 8, 1915 - Letters were sent out calling a citizens meeting at the Lineboro School House, for the purpose of discussing the need of protection against fire in the town of Lineboro and its surroundings. Mr. J.V. Wentz was chairman of the meeting. A permanent organization was formed naming H.T. Wentz, President; F.H. Miller, Vice President; C.A. Warehime, Secretary; Willis F. Tracy, Treasurer; O.B. Wentz, H.M. Kneller, and G. Armstrong, Trustees. The Organization was named "Lineboro Volunteer Fire Department". For several years, the meetings were held on the third floor of F.H. Miller's store.

1916 - An Ajax chemical engine was bought for $300. Also, a bell was purchased for a cost of $100 with interest.

1917 - H.S. Stick donated a two-tank chemical engine to the organization and 300 feet of hose was purchased for the engine.

1918 - A committee was appointed to purchase a building lot. A lot was purchased on Main Street with a stream flowing through it. The stream was filled with tons of field stone creating a curve to the rear of the property and a foundation for a building.

1919 - A building committee was appointed consisting of Willis F. Tracy, Oscar Cramer, and H.T. Wentz. In July, the corner stone was laid. In August, the department joined the Maryland State Firemen's Association.

1920 - A two story brick building, 40 x 60 feet was completed. A dedication ceremony was held in the hall, filled to its capacity. $1,200 was pledged during the ceremony. Total cost of the hall was $12,500.

1921 - Money was solicited for a purchase of a piano at a cost of $150.

1922 - A monument in memory of war veterans was erected in front of the hall.

1923 - Lineboro Volunteer Fire Department, along with four additional departments formed the Carroll County Volunteer Fireman's Association. Electric lines were constructed through Lineboro along with installation of lights in the hall. A machine gun was erected in front of the hall, next to the veteran's monument.

1924 - The company won three prizes while attending different parades in the surrounding area. The first janitor was employed. The first money from the County Commissions was received.

1925 - A Ford truck was bought with chemical tanks installed. Several prizes were won, including the largest line of men in a parade. First window shades were placed in the hall.

1926 - A Dodge pumper, with 1,000 feet of hose was purchaed at a cost of $6,500.

1929 - A new cement bridge was installed across the stream to accommodate a new road.

1930 - The opening of a new hard surface road through town was celebrated. Governor Albert C. Ritchie was the speaker. More than half of the attending citizens could not fit into the hall. The first annual Lineboro indoor fair was held in October. The fair would eventually expand, also including auctions for local farmers.

1931 - The Carroll County Convention was entertained by our company.

1932 - The Washington Bi-Centennial was held on the department grounds with an immense crowd present. 

1933 - A reservoir in the stream, next to the hall was built by P.W.A. workers.

1934 - The reservoir, with a pipe flowing to a fire hydrant on Main Street, was built at the upper end of town at a cost of $1,000. Stage curtains were purchased at a cost of $100.

1936 - A new American LaFrance pumper was bought at a cost of $6,000. Carroll County Convention was entertained by the department once again. 

1937 - New hose and nozzles were purchased at a cost of $178.30.

1938 - Street lights in town were installed. LVFD donated $100.

1939 - A public address system was installed in the hall at a cost of $162. Also, 500 feet of hose was purchased at a cost of $514.50.

1940 - $500 was placed on interest. H.T. Wentz retired as president.

1944 - An army surplus 5H siren was purchased at a cost of $595. As of 2019, this siren is still currently in use as the "house" siren for when calls are dispatched. Lineboro Volunteer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary was established. 

1945 - The Carroll County Convention was entertained by our company. 

1946 - A new K-6 International chassis with a John Bean high pressure fog pump was purchased at a cost of $6,188.53. As of 2019, the department still currently owns this engine.

1948 - The front of the hall was rennovated, replacing one door with two doors, costing approximately $4,500. A memorial plaque was erected in honor of the veterans of WWI and WWII. The WWI machine gun that was previously erected, was removed. 

1950 - The rear of the hall was equipped with a modern kitchen, heating system, and restrooms at a cost of $12,000.

1952 - A portable light unit was purchased at a cost of $650. The company gave a meeting place and financial assistance to the "Lineboro Band".

1953 - The company purchased 2.5 acres of land for an unknown amount to the rear of the hall, on the opposite side of the stream for parking use. 

1954 - A new 1954 Chevrolet panel truck was purchased for a cost of $1,900. Three vehicles were then equipped with mobile radios for approximately $2,000. The Carroll County Convention was entertained by the company, featuring Governor McKeldin as the speaker.

1957 - A new Ford chassis with a John Bean high pressure fog pump was purchased at a cost of $14,000. The fire company along with the Ladies Auxiliary donated $500 to the Carroll County General Hospital fund. 

1958 - 1,000 feet of 2.5 inch hose was purchased at a cost of $1,600.

1960 - The company roadway was black topped leading from the main road to the rear parking lot at a cost of $600. 500 feet of 1.5 inch hose was purchsed at a cost of $550. A used 1946 Ford truck with a tank capacity of 800 gallons was purchased for $850.

1961 - Aluminum entrance doors were installed in the front of the hall for a cost of $503.

1962 - The company purchsed a used monitor radio for $100.

1963 - 700 feet of 2.5 inch hose was purchased at a cost of $1,150. A Homelite pump was purchased for $295. A base station radio with remote control was purchased for $1,000.

1964 - The company installed a new public address system for $250.

1965 - A new Dodge Power Wagon with a John Bean high pressure fog pump was purchased for a total cost of $11,095. The department's 1954 Chevrolet panel trcuk was sold to Harney Volunteer Fire Company. Interior and exterior of the hall was repainted. The Carroll County Convention was entertained by the company, featuring Governor Tawes as the speaker. The convention parade was highlighted by Governor Tawes and dignitaries being transported in antique cars.

1969 - A new Ford F-950 chassis with a John Bean HPV750 pump and 1,000 gallon capacity tank was purchased.

1971 - Two additional apparatus bays and radio room were built and added to the original building.

1974 - A new Springfield ambulance was purchased. This was the first ambulance service introduced by the department.

1976 - A new Ford truck was purchased with a complete cascade system equipped for filling SCBA cylinders.

1977 - The Carroll County Convention was entertained by the company with John Warner, County President attending.

1979 - A Ford C8000/FMC engine with 1,000 GPM pump and 750 gallon capacity tank was purchased at a cost of $71,000.

1980 - A Ford Prestige ambulance was purchased for an unknown cost.

1982 - A Thumper Cardiopulmonary Resucitator was purchased, making Lineboro the first in the county to own this state of the art equipment.

1985 - A FMC/Spartan engine with 1250 GPM pump, 750 gallon capacity tank, and 6,000 watt generator was purchased at a cost of $142,000. This apparatus was designated as Engine 72.

1986 - 1,500 feet of 5 inch hose was purchased for Engine 72, making Lineboro the first in the county to purchase 5 inch supply hose. The department's 1969 Ford/FMC, designated as Engine 73 was refurbished at a cost of $35,000.

1989 - All mobile radios in the apparatus were updated. An additonal 1,000 feet of 5 inch hose was purchased for Engine 73.

1990 - The upstairs of the original building was remodeled with drop ceiling and closets. The bricks on the outside of the two-story bulding was repointed, the apparatus bay doors were then raised to accommodate a new piece of apparatus.

1991 - Engine 73 was sold to Ino Fire Department located in Elba, Alabama for $22,000. A new Pierce Lance engine-tanker with 1250 GPM pump, 1500 gallon capacity tank, with a 10 man cab was purchased. The Carroll County Convention was entertained by the company.

1992 - A building fund was established. Designated Ambulance 79 was officially licensed as an Advanced Life Support unit. A new apparatus was purchased, designated as Life Support 7 to assist the ambulance on emergency calls.

1993 - A new International Medtec ambulanced was purchased, replacing the previous Ford Prestige ambulance.

1994 - The annual Lineboro indoor fair was replaced by a haunted hayride fundraiser. This fundraiser was the first of its kind in the region and quickly became the department's largest fundraiser. Named as "Bedlam in the Boro", the haunted hayride and house of horror continues today, as of 2019 and runs every Friday and Saturday in the month of October.

1996 - The house next to the firehouse was purchased, with a building committee being established. A new International air/light unit was purchased, being designated Air Unit 7. The new apparatus replaced the existing Ford truck used for filling SCBA cylinders. Air Unt 7 was equipped with a PTO generator, 15 CFM high pressure air compressor, and a 6000 PSI cascade. Unit also included a 6000 watt light tower, command post, and Hazmat decon equipment.

1998 - A new 1997 Ford F-350 was purchased with equipped skidmount firefighting unit, designated as Brush 76.

2001 - A 1984 Ford F-350 4x4 was purchased equipped with utility body and lighting system, designated as Special Unit 7.

2003 - Members approved a motion to build a 7,000 square foot addition for bunkrooms with bathrooms and showers, a lounge, gear room, and offices. Rennovations were completed to the existing building.

2004 - A new Ford F-550 PL Custom ambulance was purchased, replacing the previous International Medtec ambulance. Lineboro became the first department in the county to have a female (Marianne Warehime) elected to the presidency of the Carroll County Fireman's Association. In the same year, the Carroll County Fireman's Association incorporated the Carroll County Fire Chief's Association and the Carroll County Ambulance Association to become the current Carroll County Volunteer Emergency Services Association or CCVESA.

2006 - New firehouse additions and rennovations begin.

2007 - Additions and rennovations were completed, updated firehouse was dedicated in September.

2009 - A micro storm hit the Lineboro community causing severe flooding. Over $80,000 in damages occured to the newly rennovated building. The stream dam that was installed in 1933 was destroyed. With assistance of Senator, Barbara Mikulski, the dam was replaced to restore the water reservior to the town.

2011 - A new Rosenbauer/Spartan engine, equipped with 1450 GPM pump and 1000 gallon capacity tank was purchased, designated as Engine 72. It replaced the previous 1985 FMC/Spartan engine which was sold to Grey Fire Equipment located in Alabama for $7,500.

2013 - A new RAM Lifeline ambulance was purchased at a cost of $225,000. It replaced the previous Ford F-550 PL Custom ambulance which was traded in for $10,000.

2014 - A new Ford F-350 4x4 pick-up truck was purchased. It replaced the previous 1984 Ford F-350 4x4. The new apparatus was designated as Utility 7.

2015 - Lineboro Volunteer Fire Department celebrated 100 years of continuous emergency services to the community of Lineboro and surrounding areas. 

2016 - A used 2014 Kenworth US Tanker equipped with 1500 GPM pump and a 3000 gallon capacity tank was purchased from Arcola Volunteer Fire Company located in Brambleton, Virginia. The new apparatus was designated as Tanker 7. Air Unit 7 was sold to City of York Fire Department located in York, Pennsylvania. 

2019 - Lineboro continues to operate with a fleet of updated apparatus including two front line pumpers, tanker, brush truck, utility, ambulance, life support, and duty car.

*At this time, all information is believed to be accurate. Incorrect information will be changed and updated as more facts and research is completed*

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